Book Tools For Grassroots Activities Nora Gallager and Lisa Myers

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For over twenty years, Patagonia has organized a Tools Conference, where experts provide practical training to help make activists more effective. Now Patagonia has captured Tools’ best wisdom and advice into a book, creating a resource for any organization hoping to hone core skills like campaign and communication strategy, grassroots organizing, and lobbying as well as working with business, fundraising in uncertain times and using new technologies. Patagonia hopes the book will be dog-eared and scribbled in; a solid, inspiring guide and reliable companion.


"This concentration of excellent advice is worth several close reads, not only for environmental activists, but for any nonprofit grassroots movement." Foreword Magazine

"...this book is exactly what I needed."
"...a game changer for you and the environment." ---

"The book . . . offers the ideal balance of useful information for would-be grassroots activists and inspiration for those who are attracted by the milieu but aren’t too sure where to start."

"I highly recommend this book not only to environmental activists, but also those working within organizations of all stripes, looking to improve focus, grow, and help their initiatives succeed." The Walleye

The work of grassroots activism can be lonely and tiring. This book will remind you that you are not alone in your fight. Every campaign, every action, every step forward - no matter who or where you are - moves with the grace and power of humanity fighting for our best selves in the places we call home. - Father, actor, and co-founder of the Solutions Project and Water Defense, Mark Ruffalo

From strategy to fundraising, communications to lobbying, this book is a toolbox for the grassroots green activists. – Robert Kennedy, Jr., President of Waterkeeper Alliance

Everyone should read this book. It is a clear and concise plan on how to mix it up and effect positive change for the environment. I loved it! – Ed Begley, Jr., actor, director, and environmental leader

The urgency with which the planet needs our help is staggering but the good news is this book provides all the strategies, tools and motivation to become a serious and effective advocate for good! Start reading immediately!!Laurie David, author, producer, and advocate

Silver Award Winner, 2017 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards, Business and Nature categories

GOLD Award Winner, 2016 Foreword Indies, Ecology & Environment Honorable Mention, 2016 Foreword Indies, Business & Economics


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