Patagonia R3® Yulex™ II 4.5/3 Men's Wetsuit Hooded | #88524-BLK

Size: MT
Sale priceR 9,999.00


Manufactured in Fair Trade Certified™ facilities, the Yulex 4.5/3.5 wetsuits are crafted from 85% natural rubber, offering exceptional warmth and performance while reducing emissions by an impressive 80% compared to traditional neoprenes.

These suits are designed with an emphasis on durability, steering clear of the planned obsolescence so prevalent today. Meticulously engineered, the suit features a unique thickness distribution, boasting 4.5mm in the torso and 3.5mm in the arms and legs to enhance mobility and prolong the onset of fatigue.

A rust-resistant chest zipper, renowned for its quality and longevity, is also designed to be easily replaceable, ensuring the suit's longevity for years to come.

Patagonia not only prioritizes producing top-notch neoprenes but also holds environmental responsibility and product longevity as core principles.

All the seams of this suit are expertly glued and taped.

KEY FEATURES Highly flexible winter suit with an integrated hood. 4.5mm torso and 3.5mm arms and legs. Complete waterproof sealing. Front zipper for easy access. Eco-conscious construction. Exceptional durability.

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