Patagonia R3® Yulex™ 4.5/3 Women's Wetsuit #88531

Size: 8
Sale priceR 8,999.00


Discover the R3® Yulex™ Women's Wetsuit – Your Second Skin for Unparalleled Flexibility

Crafted with 85% natural neoprene and 15% synthetic materials, the R3® Yulex™ women's wetsuit stands out for its remarkable flexibility, providing you with the freedom of movement akin to a second skin.

Featuring a double micro-embossed fleece lining, this wetsuit offers flexibility and lightness on the bust and thighs, allowing you to comfortably explore waters ranging from 9°C to 13°C. Worries about drying time are a thing of the past, as this wetsuit has been meticulously designed to swiftly eliminate water.

In our commitment to eco-friendliness, Patagonia has used a water-based glue without solvents or chlorine, ensuring that you'll experience no allergies beneath the wetsuit.

The asymmetrical, anti-corrosion front zipper creates an impenetrable barrier, allowing you to enjoy your aquatic activities without the fear of water seepage.

For enhanced durability, we've incorporated Supra Tex panels on the knees and ankles, ensuring superior abrasion resistance and preserving the wetsuit's quality year after year.

The R3® Yulex™ is the wetsuit of choice for surfers seeking intensive winter sessions. Soft and lightweight, it's so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it while providing the warmth necessary to combat temperatures ranging from 9°C to 13°C.

Technical Specifications:

  • Women's Long Sleeve Full Suit
  • Thickness: 4.5/3.5 mm
  • Composition: 85% natural Yulex rubber and 15% synthetic
  • Anti-corrosion front zipper
  • Micro-embossed fleece lining on the bust and thighs with quick drying properties
  • Neoprene braiding on all interior seams
  • Glued sewn seams for superior flexibility and waterproofing
  • Reinforced Supratex knee and ankle panels for enhanced abrasion resistance
  • Fair Trade Certified

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Acknowledging Fair Trade Certification:

In alignment with our values, Patagonia proudly supports Fair Trade Certification. Every purchase of a Fair Trade certified product contributes to a premium managed by the factory's employees. This fund is dedicated to building new schools, clinics, and community projects, making a tangible difference in the lives of those involved.

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