Patagonia R4® Yulex™ 5.5/4 Men's Wetsuit Hooded #88526

Size: M
Sale priceR 10,999.00


The R4 Yulex® stands as a top-tier technical wetsuit by Patagonia, specifically tailored for surfing in frigid waters, ranging between 3 and 9°C.

Crafted from 85% natural Yulex rubber and 15% synthetic materials, this wetsuit sets itself apart with its exceptional flexibility, providing you with a second-skin feel and unparalleled freedom of movement.

To shield you from the cold, the R4 Yulex boasts a microembossed fleece lining that's soft, lightweight, and incredibly stretchy, strategically placed on the bust, thighs, and within its adjustable hood with a drawstring.

Bid farewell to lingering moisture, as this wetsuit has been meticulously engineered to rapidly drain water, ensuring a quick drying experience.

To enhance its eco-friendly credentials, Patagonia has prioritized the use of a water-based, solvent-free glue, completely devoid of chlorine, thereby eliminating any concerns about allergies beneath the wetsuit.

Watertight seams, impervious to moisture, serve to bolster durability.

Supratex panels thoughtfully adorn the knees and ankles, fortifying resistance against abrasion, thereby preserving the wetsuit's quality throughout seasons of use.

The anti-corrosion front zipper guarantees a secure seal, allowing you to revel in your aquatic activities without any worries of trapped water.

The R4 Yulex comes highly recommended for surfers eagerly embracing winter sessions, ensuring just the right level of warmth to combat temperatures ranging from 3°C to 9°C.

Supplier SKU 88526-BLK

Technical Specifications:

  • Full-length long-sleeved wetsuit
  • Thickness: 5.5/4 mm
  • Neoprene composition: 85% natural Yulex rubber and 15% synthetic
  • Adjustable hood with drawstring
  • Asymmetrical front opening with a replaceable Salmi® zip designed for corrosion resistance
  • Highly stretchy micro-embossed bust/thigh fleece lining with quick drying properties
  • Neoprene braiding on all interior seams
  • Glued sewn seams for flexibility and waterproofing
  • Durable and flexible Supratex knee and ankle pads
  • Fair Trade Certified

Acknowledging Fair Trade Certification:

In addition to its outstanding technical features, Patagonia proudly champions Fair Trade Certification. When you purchase a Fair Trade certified product, Patagonia contributes a premium to an account overseen by the dedicated employees of the manufacturing facility. This fund serves a noble social purpose, financing initiatives such as the construction of schools, clinics, and community projects that uplift and empower communities.

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