We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came out last Saturday night to watch Blue. It was such a great turnout for what is essentially quite a depressing topic. I feel proud to live in a community that is so concerned and passionate about the environment that we could pack out the school hall. What is clear from the movie is that we need to urgently and drastically reduce (or stop) our dependency on single use plastics. We are in the process of choking our oceans and destroying marine life at unprecedented levels.  We need to do this by not supporting suppliers who are heavily dependent on using single use plastics. We can also reduce our need for plastic by supporting local and bringing along our own re-usable bags. Robyn from Faithful to Nature had some great suggestions to help us on our personal quests to reduce plastic consumption. For example to always carry our own re-usable water bottle and coffee cup. She also suggested that we always keep them in our cars. The same obviously applies to shopping bags. I recently went on a trip to the US where I was horrified by the extent of the throw away culture there. In some coffee shops you can’t even get a coffee in a porcelain coffee cup and food is often served with throw away cutlery. This seems crazy! Convenient yes, profitable yes but at what cost to the planet.  I came back to South Africa motivated to use less plastic and to try and lighten my footprint. However it wasn’t long before I was back to buying water bottles and sandwiches in take away plastic cartons etc. A few weeks later Dr Tony Butt (Tony is a Patagonia ambassador and holds a PhD in Marine Science) was in in town and came to the shop to do a talk on the Plastic Nightmare and the devastating impact that single use plastics is taking on the marine environment. Again I felt inspired to become a better person and to reduce my use of plastic. After watching Blue I realized that I have essentially failed to achieve this. It has become clear how difficult this objective is and how dependent we as a society have become on the use of plastic. However there is a temporary solution available and this is to start Eco-Bricking. This is not a permanent solution but it is certainly a way of containing plastic in the short term and a way of preventing it ending up in the sea. On top of this the Eco Bricks can be used to build homes. Like Robyn said it is an elegant solution and that once you start Eco-Bricking something changes in your consciousness. Since I started my first Eco-Brick I have been utterly amazed at how much plastic can go into one 1litre bottle. I have been packing it for 3 weeks and I’m not even half full yet!! Robyn is hell bent on getting Kommetjie plastic free and to get everyone in the village to start Eco-Bricking. I am now firmly on the bandwagon. If we can achieve this we as a community could essentially be putting zero plastic waste into the Landfill and thereby drastically reducing our impact on the environment. If you are not sure how to start your first Eco-Brick come and chat to us. Feel free to drop your bricks off at the Kommetjie Surf Shop we will make sure they get to Waste-ed. These guys are doing great work, check out their operation here: https://waste-ed.com/.  On the night we managed to raise +/- R6000 to assist their organization. A big thanks to Jack Black brewing company, Trizanne Signature Wines, Tea of Life Kombucha and BOS tea for their generous donations. Although Blue is a graphic and shocking film, I think it is necessary that the story is told in this way otherwise the message will fall on deaf ears. We need to be shocked, we need to wake up to the reality and see the real impact of our actions. We live in a community that is dependent on the sea in one way or another, whether to surf, fish, dive or swim. Let’s all get involved and make a change. I believe a good starting point on this journey is building your first brick. You could be amazed how this small action could inspire you, inspire your kids and hopefully inspire the people around you to make difference!! Let's get passionate about the environment and say no to Single Use Plastic!! #endsingleuseplasticimmediately

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