It must be something in the water. Kommetjie kids seem to come into this world with shoulder length hair, salt encrusted brows and a distinct tan line just above the Adams apple. Komskom, a term you wouldn't find within the Oxford dictionary, or after you take the turn off over Ou Kaaps, yet here in the valley it is a legacy. Generation after generation grows up with a sense of unity, passed down from parent to child, and shared with everyone who would want it; This is the underlying code of the sea, where respect for its power, and a love for the ride comes into equilibrium as force meets thrust and we fall into a perfect dynamic with nature. Coming home from school, the bribe was always a surf if homework was completed, and the only problems in life were a changing wind or a snapped leash. We gained a better sense of perspective, not taught to follow in our fathers footsteps, but rather his open toed footprints. Our minds thrived with endless bliss, much a reflection of the flowing scenery. We got caught up with living in the moment. Now, still barefoot, and still on the endless Search, we watch the new groms find the real meaning behind Komskom, and hope it gives to them what it gave to us. Event: Glob X Komsurf II | Video: edited by Samuel Tome | Globe Team Riders Jean-Mark Johannes, Byron Rhoda, Justus Kotze and Kent Lingeveldt.

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