If you were to stereotype a surfer, the long blonde hair, weathered skin and easy-going personality,  you might formulate a picture with an uncanny resemblance to Matt Bromley. With his roots so deeply embedded in the salt of the earth, you expect him to climb into a psychedelic panel van and head down a coastal road with an overburdened rack of surfboards and the fading sound of an acoustic guitar. Though the cover of the proverbial "Matt Bromley" book is very different to how it reads. Calm and calculated, he ventures into every aspect of life with focus and determination, while currently studying for a business degree, and learning from his faith,  he still has time to star in the up and coming surf film "Risky Business", where Matt will be exploring some of the heaviest slabs around the world.
 With a genuinely good heart, and towering accomplishments, Matt says his secret to success comes from his belief. With every massive drop he charges, and every air off the lip, he has faith that God is looking over him, giving him the strength to face every obstacle head on, and the humility to not get caught in a materialistic lifestyle.
Remembering his time as a Kommetjie grom, he strives to be an inspiration for every kid with a dream, as he has proved that you can truly achieve them if you have the right mindset.
We have seen so much from Matt Bromley already, he stepped out of our little village and brought that Deep South savvy to every prime lineup the world has to offer. Though Matt knows there is no place like home, he can be spotted punting at Longbeach or having lunch at a local restaurant.
This is a man with big dreams.
This is no stereotype.

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