High up the human family tree, a single branch grows out of symmetry from the rest. The branch was fed with saltwater, and stretched out towards the sun, drawing life from its light. This odd branch is home to the wave riders, the water babies and the weathered men of the sea, each with their own branchlet growing off the main branch. One particular branchlet was made to house the ultimate chargers. The conquerors of giants known as big wave surfers. Etched into this branchlet are the names of those who tame the thickest, heaviest slabs on the planet, and growing off of its bark, with a defiance to ride the blue, rolling skies, is a single Twig. Grant "Twiggy" Baker defines the surfing lifestyle, with a big wave twist. He genuinely loves what he does, and just lets the rest fall into place. And fallen into place it has, with ridiculous precision. After a world title in 2014, two Mavericks Invitational events and victories in Spain, Chile and Australia, Twiggy has proven that passion, sprinkled with a little bit of good timing, can lead to success. Twig's years of experience on everything from 3 to 30 footers have given him vast knowledge on the specifics of what board to use, and when. He channelled this knowledge into the art of board design and has created boards with specific dimensions to suit all styles of wave riding. Let us introduce you to the new TWIG Guns by Hurricane: The Ultimate Step-Up Size - 6'0"- 7'0" Volume - 28-43 liters Weight - 2-4kgs Preferable Surf Conditions - Anything from head high to 10ft. The Ultimate Step-Up solves the problem of surfers wanting short board performance on waves that require a semi-gun. It's the perfect board for tucking into a thick-set barrel and getting out on the other side. The Charger Size- 7'0"-9'0" Volume- 43-67 liters Weight- 4-8kgs Preferable Surf Conditions- Large wave board for 8-15ft. The Charger is a fantastically designed mid-range gun. It has a larger volume for paddling into larger waves, but has a shorter length to maximise turning ability. With an all-round smooth paddle entry, and a V-tail allowing for control at high speeds, this is Twiggy's go to design for larger surf. The Rhino Chaser Size - 9'0"-11'0" Volume- 67-100 liters Weight- 8-12kgs Preferable surf conditions- Huge wave board for 15-30ft. After Twiggy won Mavericks in 2006 on a highly unconventional 8'10" semi-gun, the movement towards a shorter, wider and heavier 'performance gun' was started. After 10 years of continuous re-designing, the Rhino Chaser was born. Paddle power and control are the dominant traits of this design. The specific dimensions, a full nose, pulled in tail and ample volume all add up to create a board that paddles as if it were a foot longer, and turns as if it were a foot shorter. Twig's designs are utterly unique and masterfully crafted. Pack one of these beauties in your quiver when going on a trip and leave the rest at home. As his wife, Kate, said - "Twig has a sort of calculated madness when it comes to big wave surfing, he knowns what he's doing."  It seems as though he applies similar tactics to his shaping, with unconventional designs that ride dynamically, working with you to put as much into your surf as you desire. Surfing has gone through revolutionary surges ever since the first waves were ridden, and for each new wave discovered, and every new style created, there has been an evolution in the dimensions and shapes of the boards ridden. Twig has tapped into this evolution and is leading the transition into the next level of board shaping and wave riding. Kommetjie and its surrounding is gifted with very special waves that come to life especially in winter. " The Kom is an amazing place for surfing and holds a unique role in the history of big waves in South Africa" says Twiggy, "It is literally littered with big wave spots and has produced the very highest standard of big wave surfers over the years and will continue to do so for many years to come."     Photo credit: "Twiggy" by Grant Scholtz

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