Satori is a film that follows the lives of a group of big wave surfers in Cape Town, South Africa. Their passion is riding the huge waves of the South Peninsula at two surf breaks the infamous Dungeons below the Sentinel mountain and Sunset Reef 1km out to see off the small seaside village of Kommetjie. Presented by the Kommetjie Surf Shop and the Jack Black Brewing Company: The idea around this film immediately resonated with us not just because of our connection to the ocean, but also because of Rick’s approach to a story that’s filled with such deeply colourful and authentic individuals.” Meg McCulloch, Co-Founder of Jack Black Brewing Company Satori is ‘a glimpse of truth’ or a sudden moment of awakening. To have the confidence to overcome your fears and unlock your passions you need to be completely present in the moment.  As the film develops we will bring you short insights from the production. Our first piece called…”unoccupied niches” is a look into the psyche of a true waterman, Pierre de Villiers. Dungeons was first ridden in 1984 by Cape Town surfers Pierre de Villiers and Peter Button. Pierre is a well-known surfboard shaper who lives in Scarborough and is an integral part of the South Peninsula surfing community. While each character is surfing these waves for different reasons, the film discovers that there is a connection that they all feel. This connection is the raw beauty of the ocean beneath them. Big wave surfing might seem impossible to many, Satori invites the viewer to experience the characters approach to the obstacles and challenges in front of them. Ultimately fueling their desire to go out and achieve their own goals and live their passions. "In big wave surfing you have to be 100% immersed in the moment. It forces you back into the present. And that’s where life is experienced at it’s fullest." Chris Bertish  Big wave Surfer – Waterman - Adventurer This is director Rick Wall’s latest film project following on from his success with Tour of Ara. We will be releasing a film piece every month in the lead up to the premiere of the film in December 2018. For more information on the project please visit www.satorifilm.co.za 


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