NMD Bodyboard Evo CTR

Size: 40
Colour: Midnight Blue/Silver
Sale priceR 3,799.00


More features than a Swiss Army knife, the Evolution has it all. A functional ergonomic deck contour on top, beefed up with double EXT stringers in the middle and a HD slick bottom down below. Hand-finished with NMD love, so you know its good.


- Performance Template Designed by Nick Mesritz
- 2.4pcf Sealed Air Ethafoam„¢ Extruded PE Core
- CNC Precision Manufacturing
- WaveSlick High Density Slick Skin
- 8lb x 5mm WaveCushion PE Deck & Outer Rails
- XFL Inner Rails, Nose and Tail Guards
- Evo Traxion Contour
- Dual EXT Stringers
- Graduated Channels
- Bull Grip Nose Bulbs
- Crescent Tail
- Buzz-Tech Lamination

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