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"To cross an ocean alone requires real courage. To get to the other side takes huge resilience. To conceive of such a journey in the first place, you need incredible self-belief. Chris Bertish has them all. – Lewis Pugh (Endurance swimmer and UN Patron of the Oceans)

I’ve watched in awe for a number of years as Chris selflessly uses his time and skills to bring awareness to various causes dear to him and many others. – Kelly Slater Eleven-time Surfing World Champion

What would you put on the line for what you believe in? For Chris Bertish, the answer is everything. ALL IN!

In 2017 Chris became the first person ever to stand-up paddleboard across any ocean. Defying all odds, he paddled 7500 kilometers solo, unassisted and unsupported, for 93 days across the Atlantic Ocean, from Morocco, Africa to Antigua in the Caribbean.

During three months at sea he was targeted by a great white shark, towed by a giant sea squid, capsized multiple times and surfed down 10-meter waves as challenging as anything he had faced in any Mavericks Big Wave Surfing Championships.

Too many times he found himself hanging on the edge of his modified SUP for dear life. He also become one with the elements, and ultimately succeeded in doing something everyone said was simply impossible.

This is the story of his incredible journey."

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