Carver Skateboard Triton 30.5 Tidal CX

Sale priceR 3,500.00


The Triton TIDAL 30.5" is new for 2022. The new Triton TIDAL 30.5" is a new addition to the Triton range of boards, which are available in CX and are more affordable than the classic models. The TIDAL 30.5" is differentiated by its wide, rounded nose that provides more surface area for the foot. The shape of this Triton model is reminiscent of the boards of the 80s. Mounted in CX, the TIDAL 30.5" is a maneuverable and agile skateboard, performing as well on the flat as on a pumptrack, bowl or skate park.

Available as a CX truck:

The CX truck is a hybrid between a surfboard truck and a classic skateboard, it takes more angle and is lighter offering more reactivity and grip to send short and powerful turns. This truck allows you to perform aerial tricks with an excellent landing. The CX allows you to take speed with control and pump forward like the C7 truck thanks to its reversed axis system.


Technical specifications :

- Length: 30.5"
- Width: 9.75"
- Wheelbase: 16.5
- Truck option: CX
- Truck colour: Raw
- Bearings : Integrated
- Wheels: 68MM Roundhouse 78A
- Material: Stainless Steel
- 7-ply Canadian maple deck

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