freedom is a state of mind
Who can tell you that you are free? Only another person, and perhaps that person's opinion seems more entitled due to their age , or the PHd after their initials. What we don't realise is there is no fixed equation for individual freedom, any definition written is only true to the one who wrote it, a fact is only a fact because a group of people all agree on it. This means only one thing really is for certain, and that is the brain. The only thing in the universe that named itself. Every thought about anything, from pillowcases to particle accelerators, starts and ends in our heads. We effectively give structure to everything around us. A boundary is only in our way because another person defined it as an obstacle. Our very own Mandela made himself an example of this, never losing his sense of purpose, knowing that they may bar your body, but your mind will always be free to roam the infinite corners of the universe. A lot of the time we forget that our brains and ourselves are the same thing, we lose sight of how truly unique we are, and how much we can influence our own state of mind. Define freedom by your definition of happiness, and strive for that. Others may claw at the peace around you, but they can never touch your peace of mind. Happy freedom day.

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