It is the unfortunate truth, people have become ignorant to the increasing levels of recyclable materials lying in waste dumps. The thought of recycling held firm, becoming a fashion trend, and then slowly faded away along with thrift shopping and Gangnam Style. When something gets old, it is replaced, and the old version is discarded, useless because we were told its useless, rubbish because something shinier came along. Usually materialism plays a huge part in peoples lack of recycling, but now things are changing. With their new brand 'Sealandgear', Mike Schlebach and Jasper Eales have sought out to not just start a trend, but make a statement, with their range of products beautifully fusing recycled materials with durability and style. Each item has its own story, woven from mixtures of advertising billboard mesh, yacht sails, stretch tents and truck tarpaulin. Green living is in season, but this time it's from summer till spring. Its time to make a change, for nobody but yourself. Sealand is taking a step forward, changing the way people view reusable materials, and looking good while doing it.

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