by Roderick Torr

Its day two of my self imposed quarantine and I’m flicking through the news amazed at what is going on in the world, thinking that we’ve never seen a situation like this. Not even remotely close. In fact that humanity hasn’t faced a pandemic like this in over 100 years. All I want is to go surf, but there are no waves so I’m stuck here with the news and my thoughts and the writing.

The fear of this virus and the unknown future, as a result, is real. When we get through this life will be changed. Lives will be lost. Businesses will be lost. However it’s important for us to remember that Panic and overreaction won’t help, it only causes chaos, stockpiling and human selfishness. Which in turn increases the fear and exacerbates the problem.

The few practical solutions that we have been offered so far like, wash your hands regularly, social distancing and self-isolation, offer little reassurance or comfort. However, as surfers we are fortunate, as a lot of us have built our lives around living slow, surfing more and working less. Add to this the fact that surfing is a solitary sport and you realize that this all comes naturally to us. But for some, the thought of slowing down and isolation is truly terrifying.

I was heartened this morning watching an update by the president on Covid-19. He had called a meeting for all the leaders of all the political parties of South Africa, and they all seemed to be in agreement. This must be the first time ever that this has happened. This is unusual, but at least it proves that as a nation we can come together and stand united against a common threat. Let's hope they hold onto this and remember when the crisis passes that we are stronger together than divided.

This situation will prove to be incredibly disruptive. But life will carry on. It has to. It always does finding new ways to move on, evolve and prosper. Let this pandemic teach us how to slow down, to surf more, to appreciate life more and to love more. Life is fragile, a miracle and a blessing all at the same time. So take advantage and allow this lesson to open your heart, to be more compassionate, more caring, more considerate. To operate from a place of love so we can make our home on planet earth a safer and more extraordinary place than it already is and hopefully get to surf more.

I was wrong, there are actually some waves. In fact where we live, with the right mindset, there are always waves. So I am going to go ride some and stay positive! see you on the other side.

Oh…. And wash your fucken hands :-)


Photo taken by Richard Wall / a still from the film "Satori"

Surfer / Matt "Bromdog" Bromley finding some calm amidst the chaos (@mattbromleysurf)

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