Jack Mantis
This is Kommetjie. A place where the frosty Atlantic laps at the toes of Africa. Where the cars make way for the skaters, and no amount of apples will keep the Cape Doctor at bay. Mother Nature lovingly carves out the swells, then rolls them down the shoreline to be carved in by any wave rider lucky to add their own impression to these masterpieces. This is a place with Soul, and one that will fight to keep it, yielding bulldozers and businesses from turning its originality into profit. It's a small town with the biggest of Hearts. On the average day the streets are quiet, only the rumbling of a distant, hollow set is heard, and bounding down the wave face is the man who would usually be on the street. You end up dropping everything, but finally pick up on what matters - people. From the CEOs to the hippies, the wrinkles are all smile lines and there's no such thing as a stranger. There's either a beautiful sunset, or some beauts' firing at Sunset. There are reasons for being lazy, and great coffee for when the laziness becomes repetitive. If you find yourself speechless, take a walk down to the mural painted by the artistic Jack Mantis, he has managed to visualize the essence of Kommetjie, proving that a picture tells a thousand words. Get stuck in to the village life, and remember, shoes are optional.

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