Komsurf Journal: Support Local Business
What crazy times we’re living in, but so far one really positive spin-off as a result of the pandemic is the call to support local business!! It has forced everyone to slow down and take a look at their behavior, and to appreciate what is most important in life. Like friends, family, your connections, your community, life itself. When you support local not only is it beneficial for the environment but you help feed the family of someone you know, someone you surf with or someone you pass every day on the beach when you walk your dog.  There has been this distinction made between essential and none essential business. But how do you define a non-essential business? All business is essential, especially to the owners who derive their primary income from them and the employees who support their families based on the salaries they earn. Supporting small business is supporting a dream. They are often an integral part of your local community. They create jobs and on the average pump a much larger share of their income back into the economy. Here are some of the local small businesses that we love: Surf business: York, DVG, Mami-Wata, Sealand, Gone Outdoor and 3S Training. Food: The Green Room, The Lighthouse Pub and Grill, Trizanne Signature Wines, Tea of Life, Aiger Project, The Coffee Guy, Neighborhood farms, Ogwini Greens, Kommetjie Pizzeria, Veggiewors and the Fishermans! Some artists that spring to mind who might need a little support like Chip Snaddon, Osnat de Villiers, Chris Brehem and Joanne Milne. This is only a small list of some of the local small businesses that we love. The list could go on and on as there are so many, we can’t possibly name them all, but they will all need support. So when the crisis is done, pick a few of your favourites and please go out of your way to support them. Support could be in many different forms and it doesn’t need to be financial. You could do this by liking or sharing their posts, engaging with their posts frequently or tagging friends. You could offer advice (although tread carefully here : )  You could introduce friends, family or guests to the business and encourage them to support. You could wear or use one of their products with pride, and talk about it. Let’s use this opportunity to rally together, to build community and demonstrate our support and care for one another. Keep it local! Keep it real and stay safe. :)

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