The Ocean Adventurers
My good friend David de Villiers conceptualized this project a long time ago and has been pushing hard to make it happen. I remember the date clearly because I was hobbling around on crutches at the time after snapping all the ligaments in my knee surfing a huge swell at Dungeons. It was August 2009, David came to meet me at the Green Room in Kommetjie. We had a coffee, then went down to the rocks in front of Boneyards. With Sunset wild and breaking in the background and Dungeons off in the distance beneath the Sentinel he interviewed me for the first time... It was a dark, wild and stormy day. It has taken seven years and a huge endeavor to bring it all together. We hope that through the show we get to share not only our Passion and immense Respect for the Ocean but also raise awareness for the issues and challenges our Marine Environment faces while exploring the breath taking Bio diversity of the beautiful Cape of Good Hope that we call home. Read more about the show on SABC3

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