Mavericks 2016
When we think of Titans, our minds turn to the powerful deities of old. The fathers and mothers of the Greek gods, over twenty feet tall and each with the power to crush anyone who defied them, or so the legend goes. Now we wait in humbled anticipation, as a Titan makes his stand. Though he is not known for towering over others, nor is he more powerful than most - he is known to hold the reigns of real giants, making sport from one of mother natures most powerful forces - Mavericks. This is Kommetjie's Chris Bertish a good friend and the epitome of a dream catcher (if you dream of 60ft slabs of water looming over your head), Chris will be catching the wave others only dream of chasing, and hopefully adding another record to his list. South Africa is behind him all the way, as we were when he first conquered this swell in 2010. So to our friend, and all those who will be paddling out tomorrow to a wave so dangerous you have to bring a gun. We say Good Luck, and be stoked!

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