One of my best mates Richard Wall just turned 40 :) and as a present a group of his mates chipped in and bought him a trip to G-land. What a present, collecting memories is so much more important than collecting things. I couldn't let him go alone so I thought the only honorable thing to do would be to go with!! It would be my 6th time in Indonesia and my 3rd trip to G-land. The place is Magical thick Jungle, Wild Nature and a perfect long barreling left hand point break! We had 10 days sharing barrels, Bintangs and laughs. The day of our departure Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island erupted grounding all flights in and out of Bali. Total chaos pursued! This is not the first time that a volcano on the Indonesian Islands erupts. We must not forget that these are all volcanic Islands and Nature is unpredictable and raw. And therefore: so Breath-Taking and beautiful. We have spent the last 4 days getting herded with hundreds of other desperate travelers from airport to hotel. Yesterday we spent 10 hours in queues alone. There is light at the end of the tunnel however as we are booked on a flight tonight from Singapore to Cape Town! If all goes according to plan we should be back in Kommetjie tomorrow midday 5 days after departing G-land ? Wish us luck !!

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